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TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy 


LLN411 — Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Unit, is one of the two new core units TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAE40116 holders will need this Unit in their competencies list to maintain the validity of their Qualification.  Read more...

Southern Cross Training is offering the LLN unit in a one day workshop format in Sydney and Melbourne. You overall assessment can be completed and issue of Statement of Attainment

TAELLN411 is also available online. You will be allocated a personal Coach / Assessor, who will lead you through the process, mark your submissions and answer any queries you may have on the TAELLN411 Course.

The TAELLN411 workshop covers:

The performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to:

(i) recognise the core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) demands of training and assessment, and to

(ii) tailor training and assessment to suit individual skill levels, including accessing relevant support resources

(iii) design Individual Learning Plans which respond LLN profiles and other individual needs


The TAELLN411 workshop will teach you to:


  • use tools to identify the LLN skill requirements (reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy) of the training specification and/or assessment process relevant to vocational delivery
  • use various sources to gather information on the current LLN skills of a learner group
  • identify available sources of support to address at least two of the identified LLN skill needs of the learner group
  • customise and use at least two learning resources to address LLN requirements
  • select, use and review at least two learning plans that directly address the identified LLN needs of the learner group
  • use advice from specialist LLN practitioners to inform practice
  • select, use and review at least two assessment strategies that cater for the identified LLN needs of the learner group
  • determine areas for improvement of own practice.



  • specify the critical TAELLN411 skills essential to workplace performance in an identified industry or sector
  • identify cultural and social sensitivities relevant to communicating with individuals who are identified as requiring LLN support
  • identify sources of resources, strategies and LLN support available in your own training organisation and procedures for accessing them
  • explain techniques for evaluating your own training and assessment practice.

1. Analyse LLN requirements

1.1. Determine core LLN skill requirements of the training specification

1.2. Identify and analyses the LLN skill requirements essential to workplace performance

1.3. Determine the LLN skills of the learner group from validated tools and other sources

2. Select and use resources and strategies to address LLN skill requirements

2.1. Identify resources to support LLN skill development

2.2. Use learning and assessment materials to support identified LLN requirements, customising where necessary

2.3. Apply learning support strategies in training delivery appropriate to LLN requirements and learner group

2.4. Determine assessment strategies appropriate to LLN require ments and learner group

3. Use specialist LLN support where required

3.1. Review course demands and learner profile to determine if specialist LLN support is required

3.2. Access specialist LLN support where available

3.3. Integrate specialist LLN support into training or assessment practice where required

4. Evaluate effectiveness of learning support and assessment strategies in addressing LLN requirements

4.1. Seek feedback on learning support provided and assessment strategies used

4.2. Evaluate learning support and assessment strategies used

4.3. Determine areas for improvement based on evaluation


Details of the Southern Cross Upgrade workshop program are here 


TAELNN411 Workshop Schedule 2019  



 November   December  


13 11


13 11


Time: 9:30 am — 4:30 pm                                         

Price: $390  


  • Southern Cross Workbook
  • Learning Materials
  • All training materials
  • Workshop templates                                                                                                                           

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