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Giving Successful Presentations:


Southern Cross Training


Do you want your training to leave a deep impression on the audience?

Learn the secrets of getting the attention of the Audience you are talking to. If you can confidently hold their attention, you will feel confident as a speaker 

Southern Cross Action Learning will empower you through proven presentation techniques and hands-on exercises in class. Games and activities will help you overcome any fears that you may have

You have obtained the key skills of presenting. Now it is time to master your unique style to deliver impressive presentations comfortably. This is particularly important if you are presenting to educate and inform, 

Adding polish and impact will enable you to gain credibility, especially when under pressure from a potentially ambivalent, focused and knowledgeable audience!

Learn how to talk with confidence so that people will listen & remember!

Will take you to the next level !!!

    NEW ! For the new Covid-19 period we are in - How to set up and use Virtual Classroom Training!


Learning Outcomes

Topics Covered

 By the end of this 1-day Workshop you will be able to:


  • Recognise the benefits of presenting to others in organisations

  • Tailor presentations to address specific levels of audience

  • Deliver complex and persuasive types of presentations

  • Identify ways to engage different audience

  • Manage question and answer sessions

  • Use visual aids appropriately in presentations


 Getting started:

    • The psychology behind presentations

      • How we can enjoy rather than fear presenting

    • Challenges in presenting within an organisation

Beyond basics:

    • Structure and build compelling presentations

    • Consistently deliver in an engaging manner

Advancing your techniques:

    • Strategies to engage your audience

    • Create engaging visual aids which will capture your audience's attention

    • Humour in presentations

 Teaching Methods:

  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Games/Activities



I have had the privilege of being trained by Mani in Cert IV and his approach is that of supportive and nurturing. Mani wants people to do well and he goes the extra mile to help you achieve your best. His detail and big picture view ensures he can support individuals of all learning styles. I'm delighted to know Mani and can highly recommend Mani as a leader and friend.

Yolande Hart 

Price:  $390

Saturday Workshops          

Due to the current Corona Virus lockdowns / social isolation, Southern Cross classes are being conducted via VIRTUAL TRAINING PLATFORMS, to ensure the safety of our students and trainers. This medium allows us to deliver the full potential of face-to-face learning to you at your home during the current months.

Details of how to log into your class will be sent when you enrol and pay.

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For Corporate Groups, we run Training Classes in two modes:

  1. Face - to - Face on site, provided you have training facilities large enough to meet the 4 sqm per participant and 1.5 m separation criteria
  2. Virtual classroom - great if your staff are spread around several locations in Australia, using virtual training platforms such as ZOOM. Your participants can achieve a result very similar to face-to-face class room training.   



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Melbourne Training Centre:      


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 Melbourne Campus 


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