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 Safe Manual Handling



At last, a manual handling program that is fun, interesting and massively reduces injuries caused by harmful manual handling habits! 

Boring "keep your back straight and bend your knees" approach no longer cuts it. We have an entirely different approach that is built into the body unconscious work habits that work ALL the joints of the body in the right way

Southern Cross Manual Handling training protects people from unknowingly building injury into their bodies - alleviating pain and disablement now and into the future essential for anyone needing protection from Manual Handling Injuries. Clients report up to 80% drop in injuries over the following 12 months!

Developed by Bede Draper, 1/2 day workshop

 Teaching Methods:

  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Games/Activities
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THE ICONIC engaged Bede to conduct Manual Handling Training at our Sydney based Fulfillment Centre in May/July 2019 to target Musculoskeletal injury trends related to Manual Handling.  In conjunction with management strategies and engineering improvements , we observed a decrease of 85% of MSD LTI injuries in the 6 month period following training roll out in 2019 and would recommend Bede's training to complement any WHS strategy aiming to reduce MSD Injury trends by empowering staff with the knowledge of best practise manual handling and awareness of why it is important. 

We found Bede's approach to training to be refreshing and flexible.  His training delivery out not only displayed exceptional knowledge and understanding of Ergonomics and Manual Handling but what set it apart was the way in which he connected with staff from all walks of life to help them understand the importance of positive manual handling practices.   

Feedback from trainees indicated that: 

- 100% felt that the training was valuable to improve Manual Handling practices 

- 100% enjoyed the format of the training with a classroom & practical component, and its delivery 

Overall - we had a positive experience with Bede and would strongly recommend his Manual Handling Training to any business wanting to empower their staff to reduce injuries in manual work environments.

Tanya Howard | Health, Safety & Wellbeing Lead THE ICONIC


 What a Great Day, the training was fantastic. When the staff were told about doing manual handling training, most of them had excuses as to why they did not need to do it. Their shoulders dropped and a look of disappointment was on their faces as they were told of the training.

But what can I say. The course covered far more than usual, more about preventing injuries and changing or preventing people from developing bad habits that will cause injuries later in life. Within a few minutes of the training starting, Bede Draper had the group laughing loud enough for the Operations Manager to hear and come to see what was going on. He ended up sitting through much of the training not wanting to miss out on the fun.

The training was the best I have seen and I am quite sure that all involved would say the same. We will definitely use Bede again when needed and highly recommend him for any company that needs manual handling training. His approach to manual handling is unique and highly effective. We have never seen anything like it.

Jon Stearns, Warehouse Operations Supervisor, Cryosite NSW


 Hi Bede, I would like to pass my thanks onto you for the presentation I attended re the Back Safe Training in NZ. I have attended many back safe presentations over the years, but I found your session to be one of the most engaging and therefore most enjoyable sessions I have been in. The interaction and involvement you got from a team of very quiet and reserved individuals was outstanding. The feedback I received from these guys after the session was very positive. General feedback from the other sites around the country was that this was the best back safe training they had been involved in. Thanks again

Rodney Hankins, National Operations Manager, Chep, New Zealand




Price: $190 

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